About RomanPunks

It's the year 410 AD, the Visigoths are sacking the city of Rome. A rift in the fabric of space-time occurs at the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus. Suddenly multiple dimensions collide and coalesce. Time travelers & space farers exist alongside terrestrials who had previously lived thousands of years apart. The world is now a fractured patchwork of time and space with Rome at the center of it all. The world is now RomanPunk...

RomanPunks is a retrofuturistic, cyberpunk derivative world-building project inspired by fine art, history and the cryptopunk movement.

A total of 1,000 RomanPunk characters have been frozen in time and permanently minted on the Ethereum, WAX, Polygon and Algorand blockchains.

All images are drawn by hand by woman artist and co-founder, Cleopunktra, without the aid of AI or generative tools.

The basis for RomanPunk lore and backstories is exhaustively researched by history/sci-fi buff and co-founder, Punktavian.

RomanPunk characters are comprised of commoners and famous individuals based on Roman history, art history and pop culture.

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Project Timeline

RomanPunk Avatars on Ethereum

RomanPunks came into existence through early minting on OpenSea, promoting on Twitter and building a Discord community through giveaways and engagement. The idea of a cyberpunk-derivative ‘RomanPunk’ theme was in our heads for years, but it was the success of the Cryptopunks that became the catalyst for project conception and launch.

The Summer of Gladiators

After a hard working first 60 days spent networking and attracting new collectors to RomanPunks, our community had begun to flourish and sales increased. We began to offer our collectors an opportunity to battle their NFTs in a tournament bracket powered by dice rolls.

Launch of WAX Blockchain Collection

Encouraged by the tight knit community and the carbon-neutral blockchain with lightning fast and low cost transactions, we launched 'romanpunksio' collection on WAX Blockchain as the first step to expand the backstories of our RomanPunk characters and the baseline for future development of a card game.

August MMXXI
Discord Catacombs RPG Bot

Further utility was added to the RomanPunks experience through the launch of Catacombs RPG powered by DueUtil, where Discord users spawn quests by engaging in the server; and a small percentage of the time, users will slay quests that are redeemable for WAX NFT airdrops.

September MMXXI
Chainlink VRF Integration

RomanPunks integrated with Chainlink Labs to utilize VRF (Verified Randomness Function) to host a giveaway raffle for our holders. We developed a smart contract on Ethereum which guarantees true random number selection on chain and can be used for a wide range of functions that require random selection.

November MMXXI
WAX Fighter Pack Series I

After much anticipation in the community, we released our first WAX NFT card 'pack' through the Neftyblocks platform, which sold out in less than a week.

December MMXXI
Colosseum Clash on Twitch

We launched our Twitch channel and begun building an audience by offering numerous giveaways of WAX NFTs from our collection, as well as giving participants a chance to win RomanPunk ETH NFT airdrops for taking top spot at the end of the 'season'.

January MMXXII
RomanPunk Colosseum on The Sandbox

As firm believers in a metaverse future and land owners in The Sandbox, we undertook to build the RomanPunk Colosseum on 1x1 land and entered our experience "Gladiator Bloodsport" into a GameJam contest. We will continue to build the Colosseum into a PVP arena and social hub once The Sandbox offers creators the ability to do so.

February MMXXII
The OG Alliance

As the market gets increasingly more crowded and therefore more difficult for indie projects to get noticed in the NFT space, we felt it prudent to band up with a group of similarly aligned projects (alt-punk and others) from back in the day to form TOGA (The OG Alliance) as a collective marketing and promotional effort.

WAX NFT Blending

Thanks to the user friendly tools offered by NeftyBlocks, we launched a comprehensive blending system on WAX, allowing our collectors to blend the common NFTs they earn in our Discord RPG up into Legendary famous NFTs through the use of blending 'coins' that can also be earned on the Discord as reward for helping to promote the RomanPunks project.

RomanPunks VX on Polygon

After a great deal of trial and error with The Sandbox VoxEdit and Light Tracer apps, we finally were able to launch our RomanPunks VX collection on Polygon. Each owner of an ETH NFT gets their voxel equivalent airdropped to them, and these NFTs can be redeemed for official NFTs on The Sandbox Marketplace once it is open to us.

1,000 ETH Supply Cap Reached

It's been a long, hard road but we've finally minted 1,000 original, unique 1:1 RomanPunk characters. With the foundation of the project complete, we can now focus on developing backstories and plotlines to use in comic and game development.

WAX Fighter Pack Series II
wax fighter pack series ii banner

The upcoming WAX Fighter Pack Series II will hold over 150 'fighter' class NFTs and dozens more Legendary and Mythical famous characters that can be pulled. 

The Sandbox RomanPunks Social Hub

Further development of our experiences on The Sandbox metaverse is underway, including the launching of a Social Hub that can be used for events, contests, and as a showcase for NFTs.

ETH Contract Migration

Rollout of ETH 2.0 will see a massive reduction in gas fees, making it feasible to launch our ERC-721 smart contract and migrate the original OpenSea NFTs to a new contract for increased security, longevity and utility.

Tokenomics & Staking Game Development
"RomanPunks 410" Comic Book Project

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Browse our Collection on OpenSea, join the RomanPunks Discord, follow us on Twitter and read our Medium for the latest news.

Cast of Characters

Below is a comprehensive and searchable directory of all 1,000 RomanPunk Characters.

electra olympias macedonian soldier

#903 – Electra Olympias

Born 379 BC in Pella, Electra taught Alexander the Great about killing and lovemaking until his jealous mother, Polyxena, had her cast into a pit of vipers and erased from history. Legend has it that she escaped through a subterranean interdimensional portal.

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becky buck tarraconese soldier

#901 – Becky Buck

Born 397 AD in Pompaelo and raised by bullfighters, Becky was kidnapped and pressed into service by Vandal invaders. While investigating the Temple of Alcántara, she was transported to an alternate dimension in a mid-21st century AD postapocalyptic wasteland.

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betty mola ethiopian gladiator

#896 – Betty Mola

Born 114 BC in Yeha, Betty joined Spartacus in the Third Servile War in search of her younger brother, Mussa. Upon defeat by the Romans, rather than face crucifixion, Betty was sent by Crassus to fight as a gladiator in a futuristic cybercolosseum.

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roxane gola parthian gladiator

#894 – Roxana Gola

Born 351 BC in Hecatompylos, Roxane had a promising career as a concubine of Alexander the Great before she was kidnapped by time traffickers and whisked to a Romanesque 20th century AD alternate dimension and forced to fight as a shopping mall gladiator.

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geil latrocinia vandal centurion

#892 – Geil Latrocinia

Born in 425 AD in Cartagena, Geil’s mother experienced an immaculate conception by the angel Lucifer. Geil was raised among the 80,000 Vandals invading Africa, later becoming a military commander who is responsible for countless atrocities.

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brunhilda hinson vandal gladiator

#891 – Brunhilda Hinson

Born in 431 AD in Hippo Regius to a Vandal marauder and a Roman nun, Brunhilda was an acrobatic performer pressed into service as a gladiator after all the fighting men were dispatched to sack Rome for the 3rd time.

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reema masinissa libyan soldier

#890 – Reema Masinissa

Born 202 AD in Leptis Magna, Reema is believed to be an illegitimate daughter of Emperor Severus, raised by legionnaires and priests. As a rebellious teenager, she fled dimensions seeking peace, only to discover incessant armed conflict wherever she landed.

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anka olabisi egyptian soldier

#887 – Anka Olabisi

Born 375 AD in Alexandria, Anka was a temple guard and student of the mathematician Hypatia. Unable to prevent Hypatia’s murder by Christian zealots, Anka embarked on a pilgrimage through space and time seeking truth and justice.

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alce sylla phrygian gladiator

#884 – Alce Sylla

Born 311 AD in Gordion, Alce volunteered to battle as an interdimensional gladiator in place of his half-witted brother, Alberic, who was caught stealing silverware. Now he fights in a shopping mall arena in a Romanesque 20th century AD.

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babi nevis egyptian gladiator

#883 – Babi Nevis

Born 275 AD in Alexandria, Babi was a victim of Emperor Diocletian’s Christian persecutions, being forced to fight as a gladiator. Taking it in stride, Babi flourished in the arena until freed by Constantine’s reforms.

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arsak assimulo parthian gladiator

#882 – Arsak Assimulo

Born 217 BC, Arsak is a clone of the Parthian king, Arsaces I, who wished to preserve his legacy; the cloning procedure, however, produced a mindless killer who they banished through an interdimensional portal to an unknown place and time.

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xylon tinner helvetian gladiator

#880 – Xylon Tinner

Born 266 AD in Basel to dimension-hopping inventors from the 23rd century, Xylon learned from his mother how to make advanced weapons, and from his father how to use them. Now he travels across space and time in search of his next fight.

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uto acrisius raeti gladiator

#879 – Uto Acrisius

Born 266 AD in Trento, Uto was part of the mysterious Cthulu Cohort that, disappeared in a cave and returned as cybernetic drones puppeteered by an extradimensional alien force loyal to Emperor Diocletian.

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bagduda dia gaetuli soldier

#877 – Bagduda Dia

Born 199 AD in Cirta, Bagduda came from a tribe of futuristic warrior women who traveled through an interdimensional portal in Egypt to change the course of history by preventing the assassination of Emperor Severus Alexander.

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roland rey aquitanian gladiator

#876 – Roland Rey

Roland, born 389 AD in Burdigala, was an optio in the legion before his capture by the invading Visigoths who sentenced him to pass through an interdimensional portal to a Romanesque 1987 AD where he fights as a shopping mall gladiator.

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omarosa duzi babylonian soldier

#874 – Omarosa Duzi

Omarosa, born 321 BC in Babylon, is an illegitimate child of Alexander the Great trained to kill from a young age. Fearing nothing, she volunteered to enter an interdimensional portal in an attempt to conquer more worlds in the name of her dying father.

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gaatha gailavira visigoth soldier

#872 – Gaatha Gailavira

Born 418 AD in Tolosa, Gaatha was a footsoldier who fought with King Theodoric I against Attila the Hun at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains. She introduced advanced technology obtained from an interdimensional portal in Aurelianum to turn the tide of battle.

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sega solveig nordic soldier

#870 – Sega Solveig

Born 488 AD in Gamla Uppsala, Sega was a mercenary vampire slayer for the Merovingian king, Clovis I, who forbid any under his command to cut their hair. Sega never married or bore children, devoting her curiously long life to the eradication of the undead scourge.

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zoi zela pontic soldier

#868 – Zoi Zela

Born 145 BC in Sinope, Zoi and her brother Pythodoris were servants of Pluto, God of the Underworld, who fought for Mithridates the Great, were slain by the Romans and sent to purgatory where they are forced to fight an endless battle against impossible odds.

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Fejjer Shakoor gaetuli soldier

#873 – Fejjer Shakoor

Born 398 AD in a herd of nomads, Fejjer was captured by slave traders and sold to a zombie hunting legion in sub-Saharan Africa where he met a dimension hopping drug dealer with carnal knowledge of his estranged sister, Takuka.

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thom telemachus pontic soldier

#867 – Thom Telemachus

Born 275 AD in Amaseia, Thom discovered an interdimensional portal while exploring the caves behind his village. He passed to a war ravaged 42nd century Earth and was pressed into service by alien cyborg overlords.

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sisko burou greek gladiator

#866 – Sisko Burou

Born 389 BC in Sparta, Sisko was an unfortunate Spartan warrior captured by time traffickers from a dystopian Romanesque 20th century AD alternate dimension to compete in a gladiator arena at a shopping mall.

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spubler marcuso tarraconese soldier

#865 – Spubler Marcuso

Born in 358 AD in Brigantium, Spubler is a florist turned soldier who passed through a portal in the Tower of Hercules to the 12th century AD where he fought a guerilla campaign against the Moors who disavowed the cultivation of roses.

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takuka shakoor gaetuli gladiator

#864 – Takuka Shakoor

Born in 404 AD in a herd of nomads, Takuka was forced to marry at 11, murdered her husband at 13 and became a gladiator champion at 16. Now she travels across dimensions thirsting for blood and glory in the ring.

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rolfus reistus raeti soldier

#863 – Rolfus Reistus

Born in 274 AD in Trento, Rolfus was part of the mysterious Cthulu Cohort that, according to legend, disappeared in a cave and returned as cybernetic drones believe to be puppeteered by an extradimensional alien force loyal to Emperor Diocletian.

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jez obradovus moesian soldier

#862 – Jez Obradovus

Born in 333 AD in Singidunum, Jez spent his entire life in the city of his birth as a loyal guard, helping defend against invading Sarmatians. He befriended his commander Theodosius, who, after becoming Roman Emperor, hired Jez as an interdimensional henchman.

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morgaine pew briton gladiator

#861 – Morgaine Pew

Born in 360 AD in Isca Augusta to a Roman soldier and Iceni mother, Morgaine rebelled against her abusive father, waging a guerilla war against Roman occupation until she was caught by her own half brother and sentenced to die by gladiator combat.

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seuthes cimmeria thracian gladiator

#860 – Seuthes Cimmeria

Born in 113 BC in Philippopolis, Seuthes fought with Spartacus in the Third Servile War, lost and was crucified by the Romans. His dying body was abducted off the cross by aliens, who forced him to fight as a cybergladiator for eternity.

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ruth shaqilat nabataean gladiator

#859 – Ruth Shaqilat

Born 277 AD in Petra, Ruth was sentenced to death for sacrificing children to Pluto. She opted to die by glory and face an impossibly difficult opponent to the death in the gladiator arena.

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botilda tiati dacian soldier

#857 – Botilda Tiati

Born in 71 AD in Sarmizegetusa, Botilda was a footsoldier in the army of Decebalus who fought against Emperor Trajan. Botilda was part of an elite shock troop unit that moonlighted as dimension-hopping vampire slayers.

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dag dubius visigoth soldier

#856 – Dag Dubius

Born in 349 AD in Ephesus, Dag lived his life plundering cities and towns across Asia, so it was only natural that he continue his reign of terror after falling through a crevasse and portaling to a distant future alternate dimension.

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deborah marpeisa scythian gladiator

#855 – Deborah Marpeisa

Born in 303 BC in Terme on the coast of the Black Sea, Deborah is an Amazonian warrior who portaled to the women-dominated 28th century AD to battle aliens and cyborgs in a futuristic cybercolosseum.

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raad raamen egyptian soldier

#854 – Raad Raamen

Born in 185 BC in Alexandria, Raad is a dimension-hopping temple guard equipped with high tech defensive equipment to protect the treasures of the pharaohs from time looters and tourists.

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herta hortator roman centurion

#853 – Herta Hortator

Born in 182 AD in Rome, Herta is the cold blooded guard captain for Emperor Caracalla who plotted his assassination by sowing discontent amongst the troops and turning a blind eye while a soldier stabbed him to death as he was urinating.

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morys mygdon phrygian gladiator

#852 – Morys Mygdon

Born in 144 BC in Gordion, Morys, a blacksmith, and his brother Pierpont, an accountant, were enslaved by the Romans and forced into gladiator combat. Morys was shipped off to an alternate dimension, dedicating his life to return and watch over his younger sibling.

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cagla kinali lycian soldier

#851 – Cagla Kinali

Born in 168 BC in Myra, Cagla is a brainwashed soldier subservient to the alien and cyborg invaders who established a secret foothold in Lycia during they heyday of the Roman Republic.

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gundi viridis roman soldier

#847 – Gundi Viridis

Born 116 AD in Ravenna, Gundi, a soldier in the fabled vampire hunter legion, was bit by the nosferatu Claudia Cullen, becoming forever blood-bound as her enslaved ghoul.

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acquilina atticus roman centurion

#846 – Acquilina Atticus

Born 141 AD in Rome, Acquilina is a loyal temple guard who is always on the lookout for her troublesome sister, Eleanora, who frequently sneaks through the interdimensional portal in search of a good party.

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laodice eupator pontic soldier

#844 – Laodice Eupator

Born 129 BC in Sinope, Laodice is the sister of Mithridates the Great. To avoid being forced to marry her brother, she fled to an alternate dimension where she conspired with the Roman general Pompey to defeat and exact revenge on Mithridates.

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oppius mico roman centurion

#843 – Oppius Mico

Born 89 AD in Rome, Oppius was a member of the Punktorian Guard sent through an interdimensional portal on a reconnaissance mission by Emperor Hadrian; however, Oppius preferred the alternate 28th century AD reality and never attempted to return.

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siro soranus sicilian soldier

#841 – Siro Soranus

Born 205 BC in Drepana, Siro was a shepherd who chased one of his flock into a temple on Mount Eryx and was sucked into an interdimensional portal to a distant time and place where he was pressed into the service of a galactic alien army.

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valentin vulso noric soldier

#831 – Valentin Vulso

Born 49 AD in Virunum, Valentin is a common soldier and timid husband of Acca who lived in the shadow of his wife until she was killed defending Emperor Domitian from assassins; henceforth, Valentin vowed revenge on those responsible for her death.

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Kthjellime Demai Illyrian Gladiator

#838 – Quique Candelario

Born 211 BC in Gades, Quique was enslaved as a gladiator for rebelling against the governor. His massive size & popularity influenced scouts from 28th century AD to press Quique into service at a futuristic cybercolosseum.

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epa leonnora galatian soldier

#837 – Epa Leonnora

Born 299 BC in Perinthus, Epa fought with a Celtic war band that invaded Asia and founded Galatia. Epa’s mind and body were often possessed by a 33rd century AD version of herself who plugged in to experience the glory of defeating the Seleucid king Antiochus I Soter in the Battle of Elephants.

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tuouta taio lusitanian centurion

#835 – Tuouta Taio

Born in 162 AD in Olisipo, Tuouta led a contubernium that was believed to be lost at sea when in fact their ship was sucked through an interdimensional portal, placing them in the Gulf of Mexico where they befriended a technologically advanced Aztec society.

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mavis sibylla mauretanian gladiator

#834 – Mavis Sibylla

Born in 217 AD in Caesarea, Mavis, a servant of the Temple of Saturn at Thugga, uttered an experimental incantation, opening an interdimensional portal that transported her to a parallel world set in an atomic age in which she became enslaved as a gladiator.

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storm skou cimbri gladiator

#833 – Storm Skou

Born in 131 BC in Jutland, Storm was a blacksmith in the disastrous war against the Roman forces of Gaius Marius. After their defeat, his wife, Oda, was enslaved as Marius’ concubine and he was cast into a dimensional portal to serve as a gladiator in a parallel universe of a Roman atomic age.

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