Welcome to RomanPunks,
a collectible NFT project.


“It’s AD 410, the Goths are sacking the city of Rome. A rift in the fabric of space-time occurs at the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus. Suddenly multiple dimensions collide and coalesce. Time travelers and space farers exist alongside terrestrials who had previously lived thousands of years apart. The world is now a fractured patchwork of time and space with Rome at the center of it all. The world is now RomanPunk.”



RomanPunk Avatar NFTs are listed on OpenSea on the Ethereum blockchain. RomanPunk NFT Trading Cards are housed on the WAX blockchain through Atomic Hub.

Collect your favourite cards on WAX, trade them with your friends, blend two together and, try to collect them all!

Collect your favourite avatars on OpenSea and receive dividends in the form of profit sharing crypto airdrops.


RomanPunks Discord community is an active and fun environment for all walks of life. Join the Discord and enjoy frequent giveaways and airdrops

Meet other crypto / blockchain enthusiasts and learn how to get more involved in NFT projects.

Participate in frequent community giveaway events including trivia contests, casino games and card games.


Quest in our Catacombs RPG to win WAX cards.

Play in our Monte Carlo casino and redeem your winnings for WAX cards.

Join our hosted gladiator battle tournaments to win epic prizes.

COMING SOON:  Enjoy our Sandbox Colosseum experience.


ETH NFT owners entitled to #1 mints of the WAX card with matching ##.

ETH NFT owners receive monthly dividend payments from profits of the WAX collection.

All collectors participate in frequent giveaway contests and raffles.


Be part of the RomanPunk Empire!  Own an Ethereum RomanPunk NFT, join our Discord RPG community and choose to build a story around your character that will become part of the RomanPunks 410 COMICS.

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Only 1,000 RomanPunks have been frozen in time and permanently minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Emperors, generals, patricians, equestrians, plebeians, freedmen, slaves, centurions, soldiers, gladiators and peregrinae are among the diverse range of characters represented in this eclectic community.

A Cast of 1,000 Characters

Who are these mysterious RomanPunks who exhibit great diversity of style and personality? Well, they consist of a few famous people from history and pop culture as well as a large number of commoners from different ranks of societ that reflect the social structures of Ancient Rome.


The vast majority of RomanPunks are common, and they fit into one of the following 10 categories:


the ‘elite’ of society — high status and wealthy RomanPunks who generally look down on everyone else.


your typical ‘upper-middle-class’ snobs who spend more time in Toga raves than actually doing any work.


the average, every day joe shmoes of society — hard working folk who get by on an honest day’s wage.


the RomanPunks who move around and typically originate from places far away from the capital.


the common footsoldier, represented from a whole range of ages and locales.


a middle ranking officer with punk tendencies who leads a small group of soldiers.


a former slave who was granted his freedom and makes the most of it.


these poor unfortunate punks must try to make it through life without their freedom.

Servant Woman

the typical servant who tends to the every needs of wealthy folk with some punk sass.


they fight to the death; for those who are about to die we salute you!


Some RomanPunk citizens have been infiltrated by or transformed into a range of nonhuman and undead creatures


believed to come from a dimension that is populated entirely by apes, the RomanPunk apes have taken the places of common citizens and act naturally in the roles they have assumed.


how they got here, we do not know, but they creep the hell out of all the RomanPunks.


living tissue over metal endoskeleton, there are some cyborgs that live among the RomanPunks. Unfortunately, their facial skin peeled off from the interdimensional journey, yet they still attempt to integrate fully with the common folk.


these bloodthirsty creatures are typically seen looking pale faced and hungry for their next feed.


we’re not sure, but it’s possible that a dimension exists where a plague has created a race of undead beings. Some of them ended up in the ranks of the RomanPunks.


who doesn’t love cute and cuddly creatures? A whole range of bestiary have found their way into the RomanPunk community.


A number of famous citizens from the original Roman dimension exist; so do many from pop culture, science fiction and literature.


Yes, many of the great Roman gods including Jupiter, Bellona, Venus, Saturn and Neptune prosper within the realm of the RomanPunks.

Pricing of OpenSea Ethereum RomanPunk Avatar NFTs

The purchase price increases with a bonding curve to reward early supporters so that more people will adopt the RomanPunks into their cyber spaces.

To build a community and encourage collecting and trading, we have designed the pricing model to be competitive and allow for new collectors to obtain their own RomanPunk.

Commoners 0-99
0.01 ETH
Commoners 100-199
0.02 ETH
Commoners 200-299
0.03 ETH
Commoners 300-399
0.04 ETH
Commoners 400-499
0.05 ETH
Commoners 500-599
0.06 ETH
Commoners 600-699
0.07 ETH
Commoners 700-799
0.08 ETH
Commoners 800-899
0.09 ETH
Commoners 900-999
0.09 ETH
Nonhuman/Undead (i.e. Zombie, Ape, Alien, Vampire, Cyborg, Animal)
0.1 ETH
Famous Tier 1 (less commonly known historical figures and minor pop culture/literature character representations)
Famous Tier 2 (very well known historical and cultural figures)
Famous Tier 3 (legendary individuals, for better or worse)
Not Listed for Sale

Trading Cards on WAX

RomanPunks were born on Ethereum, but have come alive on WAX. While the original OpenSea RomanPunk NFTs are all 1:1 (max 1,000 supply), there are far more WAX NFTs available (although the exact number has yet to be revealed).

Higher volume allows for many more collectors to acquire RomanPunk NFTs while making them more accessible and affordable. Furthermore, the efficiency of the WAX blockchain + higher mint numbers allows for greater utility and gamification — next steps in the RomanPunk development project timeline. 

Character Types and Races

The core of the RomanPunk NFT collection is a series of characters — individual beings who exist in the RomanPunk alternate dimension.

Each character belongs to both a ‘type’ and a ‘race’, which are the key attributes used to identify and classify that individual.

Types are further classfied into ‘civilian’, ‘fighter’ and ‘famous’ classes.

Types and races will be important for gamification utility and blending/breeding throughout the project life cycle.

Card Rarities

All RomanPunk trading cards will fall into 1 of 5 rarities from ‘mythical’ being the least common to ‘common’ being the most ubiquitous.

Rarities will be important for adding collector value to the RomanPunk NFTs, but also for blending and game utility (e.g. cards of higher rarity will have better stats in the arena).

Drop Method, Timing & Quantities

Drops will be planned and announced ahead of time, giving new collectors ample opportunity to join.

Drops will be done as individual NFTs, sets and ‘packs’ of random NFTs.


A strategic roadmap update for the blockchain-based, alternate history, cyberpunk derivative world-building project known as RomanPunks.

I. CONCEPT Stage — April to June 2021

The project first came into existence through early minting on OpenSea, promoting on Twitter and building a Discord community through giveaways and engagement. The idea of a cyberpunk-derivative ‘RomanPunk’ theme was in our heads for years, but it was the success of the Cryptopunks that was the catalyst for project conception and launch.

  • Project conceptualization & launch
  • Initial social media marketing & networking
  • Focus on populating OpenSea/Ethereum collection
  • Building a functional Discord server
  • Formulating vision for long term project growth

II. COMMUNITY Stage — June to August 2021

After a hard working first 60 days spent building networks and attracting new collectors to RomanPunks, our community had begun to flourish and sales increased. We build a solid corps of collectors/fans and collaboratied with numerous other projects and communities for project collaboration and co-promotion.

III. CHARACTER Stage — August to October 2021

By this stage of project development, the RomanPunk personalities and characters start to come to life. Character NAMES and DESCRIPTIONS added on WAX cards give clues to the character backstory; furthermore, project creators and team leaders will start hosting livestreams so the ‘characters’ behind the scenes can reveal themselves as well.

IV. GROWTH Stage — October to December 2021

Organic growth is paramount to the success of the RomanPunks project. For the duration of 2021, we will continue to mint WAX and ETH NFTs at a pace that is sustainable for a team of two (plus collaborators). By the end of the year, our 1,000 Ethereum-based collection will be completed and the WAX collection will start to flourish and grow. We will use funds generated from sales of our OpenSea collection to build our utility and gameplay first on WAX.

  • Completion of ETH Collection (1,000 NFTs)
  • WAX Blends through Neftyblocks
  • Build community space on our Sandbox plot
  • Refine vision for RomanPunk WAX gameplay and utility
  • Institute formal processes to bring project collaborators/employees on board for further project development

V. GAMING Stage — Q1 & Q2 2022

The key long term goal of RomanPunks is to develop the characters and world into a fully fledged play-to-earn game that is built on the blockchain.

  • Outsource the development of WAX gameplay with RomanPunk NFTs
  • Crowdsource the development of our Sandbox land and utility as part of their ecosystem
  • Consider ENJIN as a solution for developing a play-to-earn gladiator game that ties in with our Ethereum NFTs

VI. STORY Stage — Q3 & Q4 2022

Since the RomanPunk project is steeped in world-building, the long term growth of the project depends on writing the entire backstory of each character, describing the setting and outlining the many story arcs that are part of the universe

  • Generate character wikis/backstory on Fandom
  • Produce “RomanPunks” blockchain comic NFT series
  • Write short stories/novellas
  • Expand to other blockchains (BNB, Algo, Cardano, TEZ, etc.) to add other elements in the RomanPunk universe (i.e. locations)

VII. EMPIRE Stage — 2023 and beyond

The long term future growth of the RomanPunks project is owed to the success of the previous stages. Building the project successfully and consistently through 2021, 2022 and 2023 will allow for the generation of valuable intellectual property that can be further licensed and utilized going forward.

  • NFT staking
  • 3D video game development
  • Novels
  • Film and television

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