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It's the year 410 AD, the Visigoths are sacking the city of Rome. A rift in the fabric of space-time occurs at the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus. Suddenly multiple dimensions collide and coalesce. Time travelers & space farers exist alongside terrestrials who had previously lived thousands of years apart. The world is now a fractured patchwork of time and space with Rome at the center of it all. The world is now RomanPunk...

About RomanPunks

RomanPunks is a retrofuturistic, cyberpunk derivative world-building project inspired by fine art, history and the cryptopunk movement.

A total of 1,000 RomanPunk characters have been frozen in time and minted as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum, WAX, Polygon and Algorand blockchains.

RomanPunk characters are comprised of commoners and famous individuals based on Roman history, art history and pop culture.

The basis for RomanPunk lore and backstories is exhaustively researched by history/sci-fi buff and co-founder, Punktavian.

All images are drawn by hand by woman artist and co-founder, Cleopunktra, without the aid of AI or generative tools.

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Project Timeline

The RomanPunk Genesis Collection on Ethereum

RomanPunks came into existence through early minting on OpenSea, promoting on Twitter and building a Discord community through giveaways and engagement. The idea of a cyberpunk-derivative ‘RomanPunk’ theme was in our heads for years, but it was the success of the Cryptopunks that became the catalyst for project conception and launch.

The Summer of Gladiators

After a hard working first 60 days spent networking and attracting new collectors to RomanPunks, our community had begun to flourish and sales increased. We began to offer our collectors an opportunity to battle their NFTs in a tournament bracket powered by dice rolls.

Launch of the WAX Blockchain Collection

Encouraged by the tight knit community and the carbon-neutral blockchain with lightning fast and low cost transactions, we launched 'romanpunksio' collection on WAX Blockchain as the first step to expand the backstories of our RomanPunk characters and the baseline for future development of a card game.

September MMXXI
Chainlink VRF Integration

RomanPunks integrated with Chainlink Labs to utilize VRF (Verified Randomness Function) to host a giveaway raffle for our holders. We developed a smart contract on Ethereum which guarantees true random number selection on chain and can be used for a wide range of functions that require random selection.

November MMXXI
WAX Fighter Pack Series I

After much anticipation in the community, we released our first WAX NFT card 'pack' through the Neftyblocks platform, which sold out in less than a week.

December MMXXI
Colosseum Clash on Twitch

We launched our Twitch channel and begun building an audience by offering numerous giveaways of WAX NFTs from our collection, as well as giving participants a chance to win RomanPunk ETH NFT airdrops for taking top spot at the end of the 'season'.

January MMXXII
RomanPunk CyberColosseum on The Sandbox Metaverse

As firm believers in a metaverse future and land owners in The Sandbox, we undertook to build the RomanPunk Colosseum on 1x1 land and entered our experience "Gladiator Bloodsport" into a GameJam contest. We will continue to build the Colosseum into a PVP arena and social hub once The Sandbox offers creators the ability to do so.

WAX NFT Blending

Thanks to the user friendly tools offered by NeftyBlocks, we launched a comprehensive blending system on WAX, allowing our collectors to blend the common NFTs they earn in our Discord RPG up into Legendary famous NFTs through the use of blending 'coins' that can also be earned on the Discord as reward for helping to promote the RomanPunks project.

RomanPunks VX on Polygon

We launched the VX collection on Polygon. Each owner of an ETH NFT gets their voxel equivalent airdropped to them, and these NFTs can be redeemed for official NFTs on The Sandbox Marketplace once available.

1,000 ETH Supply Cap Reached

All 1,000 original, unique 1:1 RomanPunk characters hand drawn by Cleopunktra and minted on OpenSea.

WAX Fighter Pack Series II
RomanPunks WAX Fighter Pack Series II banner

The RomanPunk WAX NFT Trading Card Fighter Pack Series II consists of 3 NFTs randomly selected from over 236 characters.

hic sumus
Coming Soon
In the Works...

Upcoming plans for RomanPunks include:

  • WAX NFT Civilian Pack
  • Tabletop Card Game
  • New project for The Sandbox metaverse

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Cast of Characters

Below is a comprehensive and searchable directory of all 1,000 RomanPunk Characters.

satoshi aoki japanese peregrinus

#416 – Satoshi Aoki

Born 1705 AD in Kyoto, Satoshi, a diplomat, discovered an interdimensional portal while on a trip to Rome and never looked back. He now travels across time and space in search of Shangri-la.

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vivienne lambert lugdunese equestrian

#295 – Vivienne Lambert

Born 1969 AD in Lugdunum, Vivienne is a 42x Olympic shooting gold medalist and undefeated Universal Laser Tag League (ULTL) champion. A household name across galaxies and dimensions, she is known for her ironclad mettle and heart of stainless steel.

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cinderella voxwell galatian peregrinus

#612 – Cinderella Voxwell

Born 209 BC in Ancyra, Cinderella and her husband, Artox, were transported by unknown forces to the 33rd century AD where she manages his cyber x-games career and operates a lucrative gambling ring.

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Artox Voxwell galatian plebeian

#611 – Artox Voxwell

Born 211 BC in Pergamon, Artox was a harpastum player who later became a champion of the cyber x-games after being transported to the 33rd century AD by an unknown entity.

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galla triadus roman plebeian

#291 – Galla Triadus

Born 2114 AD in Rome, not much is known about Galla other than she is a dimension hopping cyber-mercenary who dismantles empires through time targeted assassinations.

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Tilly Lamborix Belgic Servant

#289 – Tilly Lamborix

Born 88 AD in Frisia, Tilly witnessed the death of her parents by the orders of Trajan. With the help of a sympathetic centurion, she crossed dimensions learning the art of revenge.

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j.r. catacomber briton peregrinus

#286 – J.R. Catacomber

Born 3783 AD in Londinium, J.R. is a dimension hopping playboy who frequents posh, underground nightclubs to prey on rebellious beautiful women in search of freedom through time.

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amala delinda visigoth patrician

#609 – Amala Delinda

Born 383 AD in Toletum, Amala, the spoiled daughter of an affluent lord, is more interested in sticking it to the man than settling down with a man.

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gene gisco carthaginian freedman

#605 – Gene Gisco

Born 166 BC in Carthage as a barracks slave, Gene was freed by Gaius Marius after saving his life during the Jugurthine Wars, becoming a loyal bodyguard to the Consul.

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litasha altai scythian equestrian

#282 – Litasha Altai

Born 351 BC in Neapolis to wealthy landowners, Litasha is a clairvoyant who uses avian divination to search through time for her abducted sister, Alkaia.

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ted surrectus pontic slave

#279 – Ted Surrectus

Born 125 BC in Sinope, Ted was raised by circus freaks and has become well known for his talents as an animal whisperer. He was enslaved by the invading Romans and sent to Rome to toil in the gladiator business.

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alan alauda sicilian plebeian

#277 – Alan Alauda

Born 77 AD in Agrigento, Alan collects all species of birds from Africa, creates genetic copies of them and peddles the fowl replicants at his commercial aviary in Rome.

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aericus amor roman patrician

#275 – Aericus Amor

Born 41 AD in Rome, Aericus is a senator masquerading as an actor to be closer to his forbidden love, a pleb Philetus, star of Virgil’s Aeneid.

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#273 – Sextus Hefnerius

Born 126 AD in Colonia, Sextus is a bath house owner and sculptor famous for his phallic figurines. A follower of Bacchus, he caroused across dimensions to celebrate Saturnalia in search of new models for his exquisite statues.

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gaius dubois aquitanian patrician

#271 – Gaius Dubois

Born 185 AD in Burdigala, Gaius is the prodigal son of the wealthy governor of Aquitania. He frequently disappears to alternate dimensions to indulge in drug and gambling fueled blenders, and is especially fond of cybergladiator contests from the distant future.

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